Brutal violent crimes by military leaders in Myanmar led a U.N. investigator to recommend protestors use ProtonMail and Signal to communicate securely.
An innocent man is killed during a "swatting" incident because he had a rare Twitter handle that someone wanted. How could this happen?
Israeli firm NSO Group again makes headlines for their invasive spyware, targeting journalists, political opponents, and others. Here's our take on how…
We explore the impacts of a mobile parking app cybersecurity incident, how it was framed, and what could have been improved.
Corporate surveillance works to track your web browsing to sell you ads. How does the lone privacy user fight such a behemoth?
Not just for spies or criminals, we share our thoughts on recent attempts to secure private communications "infrastructure", aka burner phones
Swiss hackers and US security cameras | Chinese companies pose a threat to the US | China brings surveillance tools to Hong Kong | UK secretly tests…
CIA covert bases expand in Africa | viral Tom Cruise deepfakes make waves | new iPhone anti-stalking feature | the Pope visits Iraq | FBI needs help…
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