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The Deep Fake is especially concerning. However this entire mailer is chock full of really interesting topics!

Reading Election issues by Rick Hassen, covering Narrative by Ajit Mann, and following Paul C in regards to the convergence of Election Fraud (meaning the building of false narratives of election Fraud), and the impact that Deep Fakes could have on elections going forward, when someone promotes "The Big Lie", they can use Deep Fakes to discredit legitimate challenges to false election fraud claims, and even use Deep Fakes to create "Plausible Deniability".

Between the Russian IRA social media manipulation of 2016, chaff and noise thrown up by the likes of Roger Stone, and the dribble of wiki-leaks emails, and now the entire drama of the 2020 elections, Deep Fakes could make 2024 even more contentious.

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